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Memories from the New South Wales Rivers Survey era

Wed 10 Sept. 2014 (received by email)

G’day Brendan,

came across your website today and have to say it was a good read, particularly liked your article on dynamic duo’s. Being part of the “Good Team” that actually went out and implemented all those ideas that JH and PG had it was interesting to reminisce. I would say that the friendship aspect of these teams cannot be understated, I still regularly work in partnership with people that I made friends with in that time, despite how far apart we are. I am still working daily with Garry Thorncraft who is in Laos and Ivor stuart who is in Victoria. While I keep in regular contact with a bunch of the other guys including JH, it is these true friends that you do the best work with as you are able to complement each other’s skills and build a better team. My 25 year relationship with these guys is an invaluable part of my life and one of the key selling points for the work we do and the businesses we now find ourselves in.

Just an idea for the website, it could do with a way of notifying of new articles to people who care. Anyway keep up the good work and say hello to James for me!!


Tim Marsden

Australasian Fish Passage Services 27 Beachside Place, Shoal Point QLD 4750



I really appreciate you taking the time to send me your thoughts. I was just arriving in the Murray-Darling Basin when the Rivers Survey had taken flight and was envious of that whole experience. I was on my freshwater fish learner’s plates, confined to a library and setting bait traps at Lake Wyangan on weekends. I remember when the NSW Rivers Survey Report came out, I spent many a night staring at the distribution maps and learning about where you had all turned up the rare and elusive. I also remember my boss sending to me to ASL for the first time and a heap of the NSW Fisheries crew including Gary Thorncraft and Bob Faragher rolling into the lobby of the Jenolan Caves chalet. Boot scooting in the background. It was just fantastic meeting all these researchers and technicians that I’d heard about or read, and to strike up some conversations and confirm or embellish rumours from the field. Not sure they make conferences like that anymore. You will also be glad to see that we at the Lair have taken on your suggestion and instated your correspondence as the first official letter to the editor.

Have a good remainder to the year, and be sure to shake down Ivor and Gary for a contribution to the website.

Ebb (10 Oct 2014)