chris Keogh cod

Chris Keogh

I’m an outdoors lover who is particularly fond of what some anglers up here in Cairns might call the ‘Darkside’: Freshwater Fish. I grew up just south of Canberra on a property and then made the unplanned journey up to Cairns three years ago to study Zoology and Ecology at JCU, with the intention of focusing on freshwater ecology. I travel home regularly to Canberra where I visit my rock, my driving force for my studies, my motivation, the iconic and inarguably greatest species of all time, the Murray cod.

Once in Cairns, a passion and love for the mountain dwelling, perennial stream species Jungle Perch developed. My interest in the species through both, fishing and science got me asking questions about these truly amazing perennial ecosystems and the movement of fish within them. I hope to now pursue a career studying these ecosystems and have input into the conservation of Northern freshwater species.

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