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Coming down from a high: ASFB 2015

Dear Editor,

That was my 6th ASFB conference. Thanks to my boss for letting me off the hook to go and chat fish, while the annual report is looming. Seeing old, but familiar faces was refreshing, and so many discussions with a face full of food or sitting in a darkened room staring up at a powerpoint presentation get the mental juices flowing.

There were many great talks, but hear are my stand outs. John Morrongiello leading the pack. Joel Williams showed us how much can be learnt from a good study design. Up-and-comer Luke McPhan showed us some cool work he has done with larval Murray cod.

Looking back, I see a common theme: I like recruitment stuff. And I like otoliths. No surprises there.

Thanks to all for the inspiration in Sydney. Maybe I’ll present a paper about interactions and confounding factors that drive recruitment? The annual report will have to wait, again. Can’t wait to get high in Hobart.


20 Oct 2015

21 Oct 2015; Editor’s response: I agree Morrongiello nailed it.