Scotte Wedderburn cliffs (2)cropped

Dr Scotte Wedderburn, River Ecologist

In my mid-20s, after several years of ‘wastin’ my days on a factory floor’, the realisation came to me that I should be an ecologist. I studied a few year 12 subjects at an adult high school, and gained entry into university. I was focusing on studying fish in the lower River Murray by the start of my second year as an undergraduate – an interest probably triggered by numerous family holidays camping on the river bank. Thanks to the support of several key people, including my wife Julie, former PhD supervisor Keith Walker and good friend Michael Hammer, I currently find myself working (not that I consider it ‘work’) mostly on the ecology of threatened fishes in the lower River Murray, Lower Lakes and Coorong. I find the end of the river a very interesting region to study because of the diversity of habitats (the Coorong is awesome), fish and other biota, and its Ngarrindjeri connections. Secretly, it is also because of its close proximity to the south coast, where you often can catch some therapeutic waves.

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