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Freo debutant perspective on ASFB

21 October 2015

Dear editor,

Re: ASFB Conference 2015

I recently had the privilege of presenting the findings from my Honours research at my first ever ASFB Conference, the joint 2015 ASFB Annual Conference and 5th ISSESR in Sydney Australia, and also at the ASFB Threatened Species Committee workshop prior to the conference. These provided great opportunities for me to discuss my findings and spread awareness of the plight of my model species, and also allowed me great opportunities for networking and meeting experts in their respective fields. The Threatened Species Committee were extremely welcoming (especially considering I’m a Freo supporter – I even got an ASFB hat!), and the whole society put on an amazing conference, including a great dinner cruise to close off the conference. I hope I can get to many more in the future and contribute to the society for years to come!


Garry Ogston

Murdoch University, WA