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James Donaldson

I grew up fishing for and snorkelling with Bass in Sydney’s best keep secret and one of the most picturesque rivers in NSW, the Colo River (don’t tell your jet ski mates about it!). I also spent plenty of time mucking around with Euastacus in the creek at the back of our house in the Blue Mountains. The next logical step in pursuing these passions as far as I could figure was to head to UNSW to study landscape architecture. However, after a gap year I figured that didn’t make much sense and I went to Canberra to study Science.

Following my honours research on cling gobies in the Wet Tropics, I have been lucky enough to have had a job up here in the tropics for the last couple of years with the editor of the Lair. Unbelievably I have found myself up here working on those cool tropical freshwater species in Allen’s field guide that I dreamt about as a kid.