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Jonah Yick

I completed a Bachelor of Marine Science with honours at the University of Tasmania / Institute for Marine and Antarctic studies, where I studied the feeding and niche interactions of small coastal water elasmobranchs (gummy sharks, dogfish, banded stingarees, and Tasmanian numbfish). My passion was always with marine biology and shortly after my honours I worked casually as a field assistant on a seven gilled shark PHD project. However my interest in all things fishy brought me to the Inland Fisheries Service where I began work as a technical officer on the Carp Management Program. Four years later, I am now working as a fisheries biologist still trying to remove the remaining population of carp from Tasmania. I enjoy keeping a range of native Tasmanian freshwater fish in aquaria. I am a game fishing fanatic, and when I’m not offshore I am wishing I was. I attended my first conference this year at the ASFB & ASL Congress which was a great experience and I hope to make it to the next one.