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Lara Suitor

I grew up in Northern Tassie fishing the Tamar River and east coast with my Dad. Upon seeing dolphins for the first time in a Kate Winslet moment on the front of the boat, I decided all things fishy were “cool” and off to University of TAS I went, to study marine and freshwater ecology. Meeting a boy took me to Mildura, where I of course ended up at the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre with Listy, Rex, Clayto and others, working on the various The Living Murray, Menindee Lakes, and Lindsay River projects for a couple years. After travelling OS for 2 years I ended up in SA, where I now work on Murray hardyhead conservation and various wetland and anabranch monitoring projects across Chowilla and the Katfish Reach Demonstration Reach. A recent highlight being the 10/11/12 flood events and catching heaps of cool and not so cool stuff such as Spangled perch and Oriental weatherloach, some firsts for SA; and I still think fish are “cool”.

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