Mark Lintermans

Mark Lintermans (Linto)

Mark Lintermans was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, back when God was a boy. He hasn’t always been a fisho, starting out with a burning desire to be a naturalist and inspired by pioneers of Australian natural history like Harry Butler. He spent his childhood snorkelling in Westernport Bay chasing leatherjackets with a home-made spear (a broom handle, a 4 inch nail, and a strip of car tubing for propulsion), but didn’t do a lot of damage. After enrolling in a BSc at Monash Uni he met Sam Lake, missed out on an honours slot with him, and instead did an honours thesis on the dietary ecology of the brushtailed possum (after a brief flirtation with a project on nipple number in Antechinus). He moved to Canberra in 1982 and decided that working in streams in the middle of summer was pretty cool (literally) and so fish was it. Linto did a Masters on the ecology of the newly-described Two-spined blackfish (it took 10 years), and loves the fish of the high country, particularly Maccas and blackfish. He now works at the Institute for Applied Ecology at the Uni of Canberra. Linto has an undying love of the early music of AC\DC (only the Bon Scott era), the Collingwood Magpies, and collects rusty axes and other pioneer tools.