Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk

Dear Editor,

I have just logged on to your website and noticed that despite my seemingly futile efforts, I have not been shortlisted for a prize in the recent essay competition. I realize your site generally has an upbeat vibe, and do not at all wish to appear to come across as disgruntled. However, this begs the question as to the quality of judging. To this end, a greater degree of transparency is required if the rest of us, as members of the Australian freshwater fish research community are to take the Moray’s Lair seriously.

Name withheld.

Email received 17 December 2014


Editor’s response:

Dear nameless shadow,

I have taken considerable minutes to consider your letter this morning. Indeed you are correct in much of what you offer. Your efforts were futile, our site is generally upbeat, and you did not come across as disgruntled. With regard to the latter, at best I would say you were misinformed. Begging is your prerogative, and I can attest to the quality of judging, since it was me and a mate (Allswell) that performed the thankless task. We at the Lair strive for high standards, but inevitably we will sometimes fall short. This is one such occasion, as evidenced by this slow news week, where I have chosen to publish your letter.

Good day,


18 December 2014